Eclipse is a captivating and thrilling comic book series that has been meticulously crafted since 2014. Immerse yourself in a vast and dynamic universe filled with a diverse cast of alien races, all struggling to survive amidst the looming threat of hostile enemies and powerful gods.The storyline follows the epic journey of these alien races as they navigate through a dangerous and treacherous universe.So, come and discover the thrilling world today!

Comic Series:

Birth of God

It is a short hostory of Queen A'lea, who got the throne after her grandfather, in a very patrialchar society.


The Fifth Earth is destroyed by human actions, a ship of the Dykuma race appears. Their purpose was to obtain a few resources from the planet in order to fly further. Unfortunately, the conflict arrived.


Ancient Gods- Archons... they have awakened. A new beginning has come. In the background, the war of the "containers" of the gods. Rahj and Sara just want to bring their family together.

Different Comics :

Collab Comics in this universe:


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